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In this day and age, the need for a secure environment has become a high priority. Recognising that our society expects and deserves to feel secure, Centum Security Ltd has positioned itself as a first rate security company in fulfilling these society needs nationally, through integrated solutions combining manned and systems-based security to maximise protection for your business, home and also reduce costs. 
Alarm Installation & Response 
Access Control 
Communication & Compliance 


CCTV from Centum Security provides the benefit of supplying you with the convenience and proof of security breaches, when needed. CCTV recordings can also be used in a court of law, potentially saving you thousands of pounds against unreasonable claims or insurance. CCTV has numerous usages beyond securing your business or property.  
When appropriately installed, CCTV can be used as a training aid for personnel, and you can keep track of shipments, guarantee stock is appropriately managed and help in health and safety of your organisation. It can also be used as a platform for the first reaction, implying our officers monitoring your site can deploy a team of very first action officers to your house, or we can instantly alert the authorities immediately on your behalf. 


Proactive visual deterrent 
Bespoke CCTV installation 
Perfectly handled by specialists 
Remote tracking and monitoring 
Early detection of potential events 
Stock monitoring 
Evidentiary support in court 
Health & Safety 


Wired CCTV 
Wireless CCTV 
Mobile Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers 
We cater both small and large companies throughout the UK in the following Sectors; 
Business Security 
Construction Security 
Corporate Security 
Domestic Security 
Healthcare & Public Sector Security 
Learning Institutions Security 
Rail Industry Security 
Retail & Shopping Centres Security 
Warehouses & Logistics Security 
Hospitality & Leisure Sector Security 


Alarm installation by Centum Security guarantees reliable fitting of quality devices that ensure uninterrupted monitoring of your property. We only use the best systems available and installations are made by our highly experienced team. A full site survey and recommendations are provided to give you peace of mind that all potential access points are covered or monitored by area sensors. 
We can also provide fast response to alarms that are triggered and liaise with local police services where necessary. 


Where secured access control is required contact Centum Security for the best solution. 
A wide range of options are available from simple coded entry to monitored card entry system. We only use the best systems available and installations are made by our highly experienced team. A full site survey and recommendations are made about the best solution for the entry points to your business. 


Offering an unparalleled combination flexibility and ease of use, Centum’s Management software is designed to get the job done and is sufficiently robust to support around the clock operations 


Offers complete peace of mind to our clients requiring real-time proof of service delivery 
Full compliance with employers ‘Duty of Care for Lone Workers’ legislation through constant monitoring and built-in duress alarm facility 
Integration with central data sources means that location based information is always current and accurate  
Total control with comprehensive, fully auditable, analysis and management reporting 
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