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The government recognises that licence-holding security professionals are needed to keep employees and premises safe, even in locations where many people are working from home. 
In many cases, security staff have also been on hand to make sure social distancing measures are properly followed. 
As coronavirus restrictions are eased, more people are moving around, visiting offices, shops and public places. Professional and qualified security personnel will be important to many businesses as they plan how to reopen safely. Centum Security is here to help and give advice. 
As an employer you are responsible for completing a proper risk assessment and for implementing the safety measures you identify. The Government has published guides for different working environments. In these challenging times it might be difficult to make practical plans, so here are some ideas, based on our professional experience. 

Working Safely 

It’s important to look at any special requirements in your working environment, as well as more general issues for keeping people safe. 
Good hand hygiene practices and social distancing will still be a priority to help minimise the risk of infection. Other good practices will be important too, from holding virtual meetings or making telephone calls instead of meeting in person, to making sure everyone is aware of the signs and symptoms that could mean someone has coronavirus
The government’s guidance includes personal protection equipment (PPE), which is important when other measures to keep people safe aren’t practical. This could include the proper use of face shields, masks and gloves as well as anti-bacterial wipes, gels and liquids and suitable arrangements to dispose of waste. 
Clear signage, protective screens and increased levels of cleaning in high traffic areas will all be helpful. 
Changes in working hours could be an important step to help reduce the number of people entering or leaving your premises at a specific time. This will also help your security staff to manage the situation without placing themselves or others at risk. It will also allow your staff to travel outside of peak hours if they need to use public transport. 

Trained professionals 

You should confirm that your security company or employees have received industry-standard health and safety training as well as their other professional training. 
In many cases your security staff will be the first point of contact for your customers, so it’s important to have confidence that they know how to respond to a wide range of situations in these challenging times. 
Centum Security Officers are trained to identify potential risks at your site and to balance security requirements with excellent customer service and support for your employees. They can be your eyes and ears and can recommend new or additional measures that could help to improve safety. 
If your premises will remain closed for the time-being, you can also consider mobile patrols to maintain an ongoing security presence and to provide a rapid response. If you have closed-circuit television and other on-site security measures, you might also consider local or remote monitoring and technical checks. 
If you would like advice or help to prepare a security plan for your return to work, please get in touch
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