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Since the retail sector started to reopen in June there has been a steady increase in footfall. For the fourth month in a row, August showed an increase in retail sales volumes. 
This is good news for retail businesses and many are feeling confident that, with customers returning, they can invest in professional security services to help them meet their covid-secure obligations
With last week’s announcement of additional restrictions to control the virus, managing your store as well as your sales has become an even higher priority. Confident, competent security staff can be an invaluable resource to make sure that employees and customers wear face masks and that good hygiene and social distancing are stringently enforced. 

Controlling entrances and exits 

Your stores need to control the number of people who can enter to make sure social distancing rules are followed. At busy times this could involve socially distanced queues outside, which will need to be managed and supervised. 
While your regular retail staff are busy delivering service to customers inside the store your security team can take care of people waiting to enter. They can update them on waiting times, make sure they follow safety guidance and don’t cause problems for other shoppers passing by. 
In many cases customers are being asked to use different entrances and exits to reduce face-to-face contact and your security team can direct them to the right place. 
To improve ventilation extra doors and windows might be kept open. Recognising that this represents an additional security risk, your security staff can regularly patrol your premises to make sure no unauthorised people are present and to remove or detain them if any are discovered. 

Monitoring health 

Some retailers are requiring customers and employees to have a no-contact temperature check before entering their premises. Security staff are experienced in controlling entry and can manage this process smoothly. 

Making sure face coverings are worn 

Security staff can make sure customers and employees are following the rules concerning face coverings when they are in your store. They are trained how to avoid and de-escalate situations that could lead to confrontation if people object 

Managing social distancing 

At entrances and throughout larger stores, trained security staff can ensure customers respect social distancing requirements including one-way systems and when queuing to pay. 
They can manage how many people are in certain parts of the store to avoid crowding and can politely but effectively point out signage and floor markings to remind customers how to behave. 

Protecting your employees 

Where necessary, security staff can also make sure customers respect the protective barriers in place for your employees. 
They can also supervise storage areas for items that have been returned and make sure they are kept for the required 48 hours before they go back on display. 

Sanitising and regular cleaning 

Hand sanitising stations are now common in most stores and your security staff can helpfully encourage customers to use them regularly to reduce the risk of infection. 
To maintain hygiene standards some retailers are changing their opening times or closing all or part of their store periodically for additional cleaning. Trained security staff can make sure that customers leave when asked and that your cleaning team can get on with their work without interruptions. 
If you would like to discuss security arrangements for your retail business please get in touch
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